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Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a safe, powerful tool that can be used as an adjunct to most other modalities, including chiropractic, physical therapy, athletic training and for general fitness.  MAT looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body.  Muscles that have weak or inhibited muscle contraction will create the need for other muscles to tighten up (work harder) in order to help stabilize the joints.  MAT addresses muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. This helps to restore normal body alignment, thereby, reducing the risk of injury and allowing the body to move as it was meant to. MAT is a biomechanically based system used to evaluate and assess weak links in the muscular system that will cause the body to compensate.  It is a very specific, non-medical process that focuses primarily on muscular deficiencies inside one’s body that lead to injury, decreased healing ability and/or subpar physical performance.  Each human body must be properly stimulated via strategically placed forces (exercise and manual stimulation) in order to adapt and improve in its mechanical capabilities (strength, flexibility, movement quality and resistance to injury); this leads to an improved ability to heal and recover from injuries and from various types of musculoskeletal problems. Muscle Activation Techniques prepares your body for exercise, regardless of the type of physical activity by addressing muscle weakness, and helping the tight muscles to be “reset”.   Whether you are an athlete, a youth playing sports, a baby boomer or senior, Muscle Activation Techniques will help to increase stable range of motion, muscular strength and can increase flexibility.  In short, MAT can help your body better tolerate the forces that it is constantly exposed to in the activities of daily life or sport.


Mon-Fri. 9am – 6pm
Closed for lunch M-F  1-2pm
Sat. 10am – Noon
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