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Lara Ballard has been practicing the art and science of therapeutic massage since 2009. After attending the Louisville School of Massage, she retained national certification and licensure in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in September 2010. In addition to the foundational background of the Swedish technique, Lara continues to study and pursue various life changing modalities. By utilizing this expanded knowledge and integrative skills, each client is provided a customized experience in their personal healing journey. This collaboration of tried and true methods consists of: deep tissue, myofascial, injury rehabilitation, trigger point, and sports related therapies. Recently, Lara has delved into the realm of Thai Massage and will be incorporating its healing practices into her repertoire as well.

Lara is a rural Kentucky native and enjoys fitness in every aspect. As a huge advocate of strength training, she believes that it is a crucial part in the quest for the fountain of youth. Recognition of the Creator, routine physical/mental self-care, and a clean diet are what Lara attributes to achieving total balance.

“We are all made perfect; but, sometimes there are obstacles in our way, or we distance ourselves from the Divine, which cause us to fall out of alignment with this perfection. You hear people say that knowledge is power, but the truth is that only applied knowledge is power. Allow me to pass along to you the knowledge of what I have found to be true. Our body is already equipped to heal itself and most of the time all it needs is a push in the right direction. Allow me to be the catalyst you need for body, mind, and soul healing. Life in complete vitality is attainable!”



Mon-Fri. 9am – 6pm
Closed for lunch M-F  1-2pm
Sat. 10am – Noon
Sun. Closed